daviddiaz.com is the personal website of David Díaz, a Spaniard male born in 1987.
It has been conceived as my homepage online.
A short of modern personal card, online, for everyone to see, with links to some of my projects and articles that I consider relevant.
I believe in: social influence, genetic determinism, accelerating technological advances, fear as the main regulator of
behaviour and childhood fears as the main enemies of brain development and intelligence.
I believe in creating habits where one can live his own life unrestrained and as carefree as possible.
I am building a practical philosophy of life based on the principles of Boris Sidis, with a spice of stoicism and New England puritanism
adapted to current and upcoming technological advances. If you are interested in reading my advances, which are also my intellectual pursuits
you can check my blog at BEYONDATARAXIA.XYZ
If you are interested in/on?? reading a blog regarding my intellectual disquisitions (disquisiciones)
I pride myself on being a boundless researcher. I am focused on free, unshackled research and cold, hard data.

boundless researcher
unshackled research

“Why are so many genius such eccentrics?”

“Why can’t a young man post the picture of an atracctive nude young woman without everybody freaking out?”

the fear effect

boundless, unshackled, unconstrained freedom to search for the truth

–Arbitrary Boundaries–

kaizen after ego
(self-improvement without looking for validation)

Like clay in the hands of the potter, so is man in the hands of his community

“The full development of a synthetic unity of the conscious in control of the subconscious in a pure atmosphere ofliberty is sure immunity against all mental plagues, and is at the same time the source and aim of all true human progress.” -Boris Sidis


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I am an economist and polymath with a wide range of interests.

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This website is my online home page. From this website you will find link to all my works and projects and

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